Facebook Buys WhatsApp for 19B – Is This 1999 all Over Again?

Reading the various technology news stories this week, has me thinking this could be 1999 dot com bubble all over again or not. I was stunned that a company called WhatsApp with very little revenue was actually purchased by Facebook for 19 Billion. At first I thought this had to be wrong because why would any company be willing to fork out that kind of money on a fricken App of all things.

Turned out that this company may be a hidden gem according to several technology blogs. With over 400 million monthly users and growing by about 1 million per day, this company could be on target to reach 1 Billion users in a short period of time. As well, this App has zero advertising, which brings me to the next logical question. Doesn’t Facebook need to serve ads to all those users to make some money back?

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Nintendo Wii U Review

Wii U ReviewThe gaming industry is very dynamic. There are new gadgets, games and gaming platforms created every day. Therefore, gaming enthusiasts have to keep up with the industry in order to enjoy their favorite games in the best means possible. Nintendo is one of the renowned companies in the gaming industry.

For a very long time, the company has been providing gamers with gaming consoles and now has unveiled a new console known as Nintendo Wii U. Before purchasing this new console it is important for one to read a Nintendo Wii U review like this one.

About the Console

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Google Buys AI Company

I was looking around at the latest technology news and came across this article in the USA Paper about Google buying Deepmind. While this technology is really on in the beginning stages of development, I can see why G would be interested. Yes, I understand from other research, that co-founders of Google have been interested in this technology since around 2004.

However, we need to put this into the proper context. It will still be some time before this technology is even close to coming to realization due to the complex nature and programming requirements.

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Grand Theft Auto V Review

grand theft auto V reviewGrand Theft Auto V is an exciting action adventure video game that was released on the seventeenth of September in the year 2013. The GTA series itself is well known for its immersive features as the player takes control of a character in an open world environment. The players will be able to choose between different melee attacks, explosives, and firearms to fight various enemies, while having a wide and free range of motion to explore the game’s world, including running, swimming, and using vehicles like cars and motorcycles.

The combat system involves utilizing an auto aim feature and a cover feature to help fight against enemies. When the player’s health gets low, it will slowly regenerate up to half of its value. A key feature that is prevalent in all of the Grand Theft Auto games is the wanted meter that goes up whenever the character commits illegal acts. Stars represent the value of being wanted, and the level of aggression that law enforcement agents will show towards the character will rise with the wanted level.

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