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Losing Weight for the Right Reason

Losing Weight for the Right Reason

Losing weight and diet…these are common topics and bywords that are often encountered all over the world. There is a variety of reasons for wanting to do so such as staying fit, maintaining the perfect figure, looking good, doctor’s orders and obsessive disorders, following the fad, and a lot more. It is also an option for some who can afford plastic surgery costs but need to be in better overall health before being eligible for surgery.

Whatever the individual’s reason is for wanting to lose weight, the end result should always be good health. A person may have the perfect figure but is not healthy; someone could look good but is not healthy either; it could be the “in” thing to lose weight but it is not healthy for a specific person. Many people could be losing weight but not for the right reasons. Losing weight must be taken in the context where it is applicable.

A good example of a diet program that follows this rule of healthy weight loss is definitely weightwatchers. A person who is trying to lose weight for instance, might not really need to after all. It is important that a person wanting to lose weight does it for the right reasons because it influences the choices that the person makes. It also defines the end result desired by the person. Should his reasons be the primary goal and good health secondary, but if the person does not make the proper choices on how to go about it, it may prove detrimental to his health. For example, a person wants to lose weight simply because of peer pressure. Peer pressure, when it becomes the primary goal becomes the person’s primary concern in losing weight, thus losing sight of a more important goal which is good health.

Oftentimes, when people feel good about themselves, they stop there. It is important that when people feel good about themselves, it is because their body is in good condition and that they are in good health. It is not enough that people feel good because they are told that they look good. It is okay to feel good but the effort should not stop there. People must always work towards the end result of being healthy in all aspects of the person, that is, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The manner by which a person may lose weight depends on the person’s preferences, and there is a wide set choices to choose from. It goes without saying then that a person’s reason for wanting to lose weight has a connection with the way the person wants it accomplished. Regardless of the individual’s choice, it must be kept in mind that the desired end result is the person’s personal goal alongside with good health. Above, I give weight watchers as an example, but there’s another program that’s equally good that I think you should join, its called jenny craig.

Ultimately, in weight loss and dieting, good health must always be a foremost consideration. Every weight loss goal must be coupled with the desire for good health so that a healthy well-being of an individual may be achieved. It is therefore wiser to lose weight for the right reasons and to make choices that work towards achieving good health because once a person is in good health, everything else fall into place. The person achieves a healthy physical condition, the body is in good working condition, the desired reason for weight loss is achieved, mental state of the individual is improved, and because the individual is in good health, the emotional state of the individual is stable. A person, who chooses to lose weight to achieve good health, gets more benefits than expected.


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