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What To Look For | Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon

What To Look For | Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon

Here are some questions you can ask the cosmetic surgeons you go to for consultation. It would be infinitely better if you have more than one cosmetic surgeon in mind, so that you have choices. Furthermore, why not also consider a plastic surgeon? A plastic surgeon has more experience inside the operating room when he was still training, maybe even more so after he passed his residency. At any rate these are some of the things you can consider asking as you go about choosing your surgeon.

  1. Do you have the Board Certification of Surgeons? This should always be the first thing you should ask when choosing a cosmetic surgeon because without this Board Certification of Surgeons, the cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon is practically working without anyone watching over what he does, and making sure he follows the proper medical protocol.
  2. As a surgeon hospital affiliations are important, do you have any? A surgeon’s hospital affiliation is another indication of how he is valued in the medical community. If he has more than one, then that’s a good sign.
  3. Where did you study and train? Medical train and surgical experience is a definite factor to ask about. This is because some medical schools are better than others; and some hospitals provide better surgical experience than others.

Aside from the actual prices of cosmetic surgery, other factors that should be taken into consideration include bedside manners which can be deducted from the manner the doctor handles the consultation. If he is abrupt and rushing, does not make any cosmetic surgery recommendations, then you should think twice about hiring him. You should also consider recommendations from family members and friends. Networking is a good source of information, and you should use it to gain more information about certain surgeons. However, be sure to verify what you hear because otherwise it would just be gossip, and unfair to the cosmetic surgeon.


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