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Tummy Tuck Treatment

Tummy Tuck Treatment

Despite a slowdown in growth for the cosmetic surgery market due to the recent downturn of the American economy, the tummy tuck treatment, also known as abdominoplasty has seen an incredible increase in popularity. Whether or not this has any association with the rapidly expanding waistline of average Americans has yet to be proven empirically. What is known is that many people are extremely happy with their results.

The first step toward receiving abdominoplasty is consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine whether or not you qualify as a candidate. The procedure requires the prospective patient to be in decent physical condition. It is not a weight loss strategy but rather a solution for the small amount of stomach fat that is difficult to lose with regular exercise and dieting.

Mothers who have experienced multiple child births and have had the skin of their stomach stretched beyond natural contraction can also be treated with a tummy tuck to reduce the amount of visible extra skin. The same situation applies to those who have been overweight or obese and recently lost a lot of weight resulting in excess skin.

The ideal candidate must also be mentally fit for the procedure. This means having realistic goals and expectations from the tummy tuck procedure. Plastic surgery cannot reverse the issues many people have associated with aging and can only provide complementary physical enhancement to their natural looks.

A tummy tuck is only for women who have had their final pregnancy and are sure that they will not be pregnant again. The changes done to the body for the treatment might become undone in an unpredictable way that can potentially harm the person. It is important for the patient to understand that once they receive the treatment they cannot ever get pregnant.

It is always up to the patient to take responsibility for their own well being and research any procedure before proceeding. Consultation with a qualified surgeon is a must and visiting multiple clinics will help the patient get an unbiased professional opinion about their candidacy for the procedure.


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