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Most Popular Forms of Liposculpture

Most Popular Forms of Liposculpture

There are many different types of liposculpture available, but not all of them are created equal as far as popularity goes. The demand for certain procedures is going to be much higher than for others. For example, abdominal and thigh liposculpture are two examples of cosmetic surgery that are often in high demand while other forms or procedures like facial or neck lipo are not nearly as popular. For almost any part of the body that gathers fat, there is a sculpting form of cosmetic surgery that focuses on dealing with those issues, and the advances in modern technology have even lead to many low impact liposculpture procedures.

The most popular by far and away is stomach or abdominal lipo. This shouldn’t be any major surprise as the stomach area easily packs on the extra fat cells and is an area of the body that is easy to notice. In addition to simply removing fat, the sculpting desire makes sense in case of loose skin or any amount of saggy appearance.

Thigh liposculpture comes in a close second and is normally slightly less expensive than stomach lipo. This procedure is done using a variety of methods including laser, water jet, and tumescent methods. Coming in closely behind is chest lipo, which might also be referred to as male breast liposculpture.

Less common options also include fat removal and sculpting for the legs, arms, neck, back, buttocks, and chin. This shows the amazing variety that this surgery has and how technology has allowed for the removal and moving around of fat cells in multiple parts of the human body. The price for each type of surgery can vary greatly depending on the sheer amount of work that needs to be done on a body part and the amount of specialized training required in order to successfully do the procedure.


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