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Little known facts about breast augmentation

Little known facts about breast augmentation

Since there is tons of information about breast augmentation on the internet, it may be overwhelming for someone who is interested in this subject to weed through it all. This article however will help you break it all down into easier to understand pieces, so that you will be sufficiently informed and capable of making the right decision of whether to have an augmentation mammoplasty or not.

The first thing you should know about breast augmentation is that there is not just one method. The incision points implant placing methods and implant types are all various, so the patient can choose how basic or complicated she wants the process to be.

The second thing you have to be aware of is that the recovery may be lengthy. Even though most patients can return to work after only two weeks, there will still be a recovery period, including certain limitations that would facilitate proper healing and fortification of the results. It usually takes one month until the surgeon lifts the activity restrictions, whereas small inconveniences such as slight swelling or tenderness may interfere with your most active hobbies for a couple of months.

Since the technology has been constantly advancing during the past few years, a breast augmentation operation is actually much safer than many people think. While the silicone and saline implants are both safe options and successfully mimic the fluids of the human body, the cohesive gel implants are more solid, thus eliminating the leak risk. You might also want to combine the augmentation surgery with other enhancements, such as breastlifts, tummy tucks or even other unrelated operations. Combining the procedures will result in saving money, number of times of undergoing general anesthesia, and time off work.

Last but not least, the fact that augmentation mammaplastys satisfaction rate is as high as 97 speaks for itself about the efficiency, safety and general affordability of this procedure.


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